[Solved] The Backend version is not supported to design databas disgrams or tables.

I Came across this error when i got to work on some other machine with SQL Server Management Studion 2008 R2 installed.

This error thrown up when I tried to modify the design of a table by right clicking on a table and selecting “Design” option.

Error- Backend Version Not Supported - SQL Server Management Studio


  • Check Database version using “SELECT @@VERSION”


    In my case it was SQL Server 2012 SP1.

  • Update the SQL Server Management Studio to the version of the SQL Server.

That’s all!

Getting Started with Visual Studio Code : Part 2

Learn how to work with Git repository in Visual Studio Code – an ultra-fast code editor!

In order to start, you need to have a Git Repository at your local machine. You can have it in multiple ways, some are given below.

Install Git Client on your machine if you haven’t already from  git-scm.com/downloads and initialize your project folder with git configuration using “git init” command.

Git init CommandFigure 1 Initialize Folder with “git init

Clone a Git Repository from any Git Repository Provider, be it github, BitBucket, GitLab or any other, they are so many out there.

Git RepositoryFigure 2 Clone Git Repository

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