Project Migration Error – StackFlair-master

An hour back I was trying to generate a flair like StackOverflow and after a bit of research I landed up StackFlair Project by Rebecca Chernoff on GitHub.

Project - StackFlair - github

Right now I’m running Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate on my PC. I tried to start the project and it asked me to migrate. Fair enough. I did. And it didn’t go well. Threw an error with this nice message:

Project Upgrade Error- StackFlair.Web



I really had no idea and I again asked google search for help, see how smart I am 😉

Landed up on ASP.NET MV3 Release Notes and it solved the problem.

This line helped me resolving the issue:

Locate the ProjectTypeGuids element and replace {F85E285D-A4E0-4152-9332-AB1D724D3325} with {E53F8FEA-EAE0-44A6-8774-FFD645390401}.


If you see, the same project type text was mentioned in error description. I did the replacement and it worked.



ASP.NET Core Application Startup Error core startup error

So, I started one of my Application on my machine in Visual Studio 2015 and I saw this beautiful error message.

The following error occurred attempting to run the DNX design time process (dnx-clr-win-x8+

No Connection could be made because the target machine actively refused the connection. …

I thought to just ignore this error and carry on my work but I was unable to run my application.

I had really  no idea why the is that. I googled for a bit and found nothing related to it. May be because it’s a very new technology and not so many of us have been through it.



I just restarted my Visual Studio 2015 and the error was gone! I still have no idea how that happened 🙂

Please share your feedback why that happens if any of you have been through this error.