Office 365 Export | Perfect Tool to Backup Office 365 Mailbox to PST

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Many times, admin as well as individuals wants to save their crucial data from cloud to a local system. Well, there are several reasons due to which users want to switch to the desktop email application. Thus, Outlook is one of the most commonly used email programs with a great number of benefits. Therefore, everyone wants to find out a solution to convert Office 365 mailboxes to PST format. Now, we have come up with Office 365 Export software, which helps to backup Office 365 mailbox in PST format without any hassle.

Overview: Office 365 Export Tool

Office 365 Export is a top-notch software, which allows the user to backup Office 365 mailboxes in Outlook PST. It is capable enough to extract all items of Office 365 like mails, contacts, tasks, calendars, etc., in a seamless manner. With its self-explanatory user interface, one can easily export Office 365 archive mailbox to PST file format without using eDiscovery and PowerShell.

Impressive Features of Office 365 Export Tool

    • Export Emails from Office 365 Mailbox
      The Office 365 PST Export tool is designed to move Office 365 data to another user account in the local machine. Moreover, it allows to convert Office 365 mailbox items email, calendars, contacts, journals, etc., to PST file. Make sure that Office365 admin account should be impersonated before converting data from Office 365 Mailbox.
    • Move Archive Mailbox of MS Office 365
      With this application, users can export Office 365 archive mailbox or In-Place archive mails in different formats (PST / EML / MSG). One can easily retrieve emails according to a specific date range using Date filter option. Users need to select a particular date range using both “To” and “From” fields while extracting O365 Archive Mailbox or In-Place Archive mails.
    • Migrate O365 Data in Different Formats
      The Office 365 Exporter tool facilitates a user to backup Office 365 mailboxes and recovers them in different formats, i.e., PST, MSG, and EML. It permits the user to get individual O365 emails along with attachments. However, Outlook installation is mandatory for the complete working of Office 365 export tool.
    • Option to Transfer Only Specific Data
      Office 365 Export tool provides an option to fetch only limited data instead of extracting complete O365 mailbox. Users have to choose the checkbox located next to the desired mailbox or other components in order to migrate PST from O365 mailbox. This feature will not only save time but, prohibits irrelevant extraction when users try to move email from Office 365.
    • Apply Date-based Filter Option
      Office 365 Mailbox Export tool allows the user to transfer Office 365 mails before regaining the entire data from Exchange Online account. Additionally, this software equips an option to select specific data lying within a certain date range when one can backup Office 365 mailbox to PST file. Users have to enter “To” and “From” field to filter data in a quick way. This feature will help to avoid unnecessary data while exporting Office 365 mailboxes.
    • Facilitates Pause & Resume Option
      The data extraction from Office 365 will be stopped as many times as required. To continue this operation, users have to click on the Resume button. There is no need to start whole process to backup Office 365 emails to PST from beginning all the time it is paused. This is a unique feature in which internet bandwidth is mandatory for other tasks too. Further, no alteration may be made in email formatting.
    • Provide File Naming Conventions
      Using Office 365 Export Tool, a user can save all components exported from Exchange Online in different file formats. Several naming convention is available when users try to backup O365 emails to EML format like Subject, AutoIncrement, Subject_Date, Subject_From, Date_From_Subject, Date_Subject_From and some other combinations.
    • Create Migration Analysis Report
      The software generates a complete status report during throughout the migration process. A final report is generated at the end of extraction includes necessary details, i.e., user ID, calendar count, etc. Although, in case of Archive mailbox extraction, the report contains folder count, folder path, export count and fail count. Also, the progress tick is available at the end, which conveys the successful completion of process to backup Office 365 mailboxes to PST format.

Office 365 Export Process


      • Tool is compatible with Windows 10 and all below versions.
      • Extract data from Office365 mailbox in a very short time.


      • MS Outlook installation is needed.
      • Does not support Mac operating system.

Final Verdict

After knowing above pros and cons of the product, we can wind up with the fact that Office 365 Export is the best-suited tool. Also, it has a simple, easy-to-use and interactive interface. Thus, it can be rated as 9.8/10 because it requires MS Outlook installation and configuration for its working. Besides this, there is no more negative point so, I can proudly say that there cannot be any other application like this.

[Software Review] – Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Data plays a very crucial role for each individual whether it is Home user or Enterprises where as  damage to your computer can  make your data unreadable and that’s where you need a good data recovery software to get you out of trouble, by recovering your valuable data. It has happened to me and I have experienced losing valuable data. Trust me, it is troublesome when you cannot go back in time and re-create it. But if you have a good Data Recovery Software the chances of losing data are least.

Few days back I came to know about this user friendly software “Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery“ and  also got a chance to test it.

Stellar Data Recovery offers a wide range of applications for Data Recovery with two flagship products Windows Data Recovery – Home and Windows Data Recovery – Professional . Professional version helps recovering data from the storage devices with extreme crash scenarios – like recovering lost or inaccessible hard drive partitions.




I used a 4 GB Pen drive for testing – on a machine with following configuration:

OS Windows 8.1 Enterprise
CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U /2.20 GHz
Data Recovery Software Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home


The Application has a clean UI – allowing you to select what you want to recover. Since I was using it first time so I want to go with   “All Data” option.





I start with formatting the drive and then copied some files to it (around 90 MB in total). I combined multiple file formats to make sure it works well with different file formats.



For testing the data recovery feature – I first deleted all the contents permanently (using SHIFT + DEL) from the Flash Drive and run the  Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery software.




For testing the data recovery feature – I first deleted all the contents permanently (using SHIFT + DEL) from the Flash Drive and run the  Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery software.


I was quite happy to see all the files appearing on the screen which I had permanently deleted from the Flash Drive and then I click on Recover button and select the folder where I wanted to save the files . You can turn the preview off if you want to get quick results.

Always make sure that you have enough storage to save the recovered files. For example – if you’re trying to recover data of 10 GB, there should be enough space to save files of 10 GB on your functional storage (Hard Disk in most cases).

I didn’t run “Deep Scan” because it showed me all the files. Though I did something different. I formatted the Flash Drive again and ran Deep Scan on it. Normal scan didn’t show me any results.
7 deep scanning

The Deep Scan on the 4GB Pen drive took nearly 30 minutes of run but unfortunately it couldn’t find any file.


8 deep scan result after full format

Hence the data can’t be recovered if you reformat the drive and it is actually not possible if you run any Recovery Software.

You can recover 1 GB of data with free version  and require  upgrade if you want to recover extensive data.

The User Interface of the application is very intuitive . It has all the relevant features and one of the most Effective and User friendly Data Recovery software.

I recommend Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery as you can recover your data in blink of an eye with it.